Class Descriptions

Beginning Yoga – is a class for students new to yoga. This class is specially designed for brand new students looking to explore the fundamentals of yoga practice. This class emphasizes building strength and flexibility in the back, shoulders, arms, and legs. Students focus on the physical and mental benefits of the standing poses, along with the outer form of the poses. The benefits of deep breathing and relaxation are also addressed.

Beginners Step-Up – is a class designed for students who have been in the Beginners series and are not ready for Level 1A and yet are beyond the scope of the beginning student. The focus of this class is similar to Level 1A without being as demanding. This class is wonderful for students with injuries, arthritis and/or students healing from surgery.

Gentle Beginner’s –  is a class designed for students who have injuries/pain or age that limits movement. Gentle movement to help the student begin to move their bodies. Great class for students who also need to make-up a class.

Level 1A – is continuation class for the experienced beginner. The focus of this class is on refining and building endurance in standing poses. Poses will be practiced through flow sequencing include basic standing poses, hip openers, simple back and forward bending. . Basic principles of alignment are presented. This class is suitable for students who have practiced other yoga styles, however, not beginning yoga students.

Level 1B – using principles of alignment this class focuses on refining standing poses, learning basic sitting poses, twists, back bends, head stand and shoulder stand. The student must have at least 8 sessions of Level 1A before taking Level 1B.

Level 2 – focuses on refining poses through flow sequencing and will include basic standing poses, hip openers, simple back and forward bending, and preparation for inversions. Participants will also learn the basics of Pranayama (breath control which helps to facilitate mind/body connection) and relaxation. It is strongly recommended that students are ready to begin inversions (e.g. headstand, shoulder stand, hand stand) before attending Yoga 2.

Stretch and Restore is an invitation to relax and restore balance to our minds, body and spirit. Most individuals are affected by stress, even though the majority of people are unaware of the profound effects on one’s daily life experience. This class focuses on restorative poses and basic stretching postures, along with attention on breathing and quieting the mind. Open to students who have completed at least 3 sessions of beginning yoga.